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Giving up is not the right answer to Failure rather change your perspective everytime you fail and fight back till Failure gives up..

www.daytradingforincome.com is the gateway to success in your day trading career.

My name is Paul. I am a professional day trader and a mentor. The journey to start learning alphabet of trading back in 1991 when global markets were recovering from 1990-1991 recession, losing tons of money in the learning process and going through two big recessions, has been a roller coaster ride. When I started learning in the beginning, it took me more than a year to identify myself what kind of trader is within me, not to talk of trading though. The learning curve since then till this date has been very interesting.

I was never an investor but starting with short to intermediate trading and ending up with day trading was an experience I want to share with people. With the rise of internet, the resources have been easily accessible and trading platforms have undergone tremendous transformations. With that the opportunities to learn and succeed have also risen. But one thing that is absent is, access to affordable resources that could illustrate with an understandable set of procedure how a person can replace his/her income doing Daytrading. Successful day traders who are doing day trading for living and how they are doing it, are still elusive to a common person who want to day trade for a living. The reason for this in my point of view is that anyone who is day trading for a living and consistently and successfully doing it must have gone through years of learning, failed many times but never given up, probably lost money during learning time and possibly fought with oneself to carve out the characteristics of a successful day trader within oneself to make him/her patient, disciplined and knowledgeable to be decisive at blink of an eye. Making Daytrading your career is not easy and is not suitable for everyone. Most of the successful day traders choose not to mentor others because of the hassle involved in the process. Everyone has a different personality, different temperament, different personal and financial situations and goals that affect their trading style and trading results. You must know the Risks involved in day trading before deciding to put your real money into this. Here at www.daytradingforincome.com I have simplified the process. I have developed a rules based strategy that works in most market conditions and is designed to give 7% to 10% return on my own capital (not the trading capital) every month. This is a laid back, conservative and non aggresive trading strategy which has been designed to create a meaningful income and more importantly preserve the capital, where I have a dual strategy. In the First strategy, I select few candidates for trading the next day, after close of the market every day and set up entry and exit orders with a set of rules. I usually place the orders seconds after the market opens, if they satisfy my conditions as mentioned in my trading plan. My initial profit target is fixed but my stop loss order keeps changing. I set up a catastrophic stop loss order in the beginning and keep moving my stop loss order once in the market. I DON'T APPLY THE RULE OF RATIO OF 3 OR 4 TIMES WINNING:1TIME LOSING AS TAUGHT BY MOST GURUS TODAY. I JUST FOLLOW MY TRADING PLAN AND LET THAT GO WITH FLOW AND KEEP AN EYE ON MY GOAL. I keep moving my stop loss orders once in the market and just watch. Some days I am done in half an hour with a great profit while other days it may take me four hours and I could be exiting taking a loss. Some days, none of my orders could be filled and I close my computer with zero trades and zero P/L and some days I might end up doing 8 trades. Some days I might end up losing some money, other days I might make good profits. In the second strategy, which is a mid day strategy,  I have a well laid out plan mentioned in my Trading Plan where I look for the Gainers and the Losers and play with them with certain rules. I clearly define what to look for when playing in this Trading Strategy. You got to understand the psychology of trading. I can not control what the markets are doing but I can definitely control my actions. Please be vary of people who claim to make you rich doing day trading. Here all the steps I follow in day trading are pre-defined. No surprises ! The only thing that is required is not to distract from the trading plan no matter what and I will be profitable at the end of two weeks or a month, that is when I get my paycheck. If I am not profitable at the end of two weeks or a month, there can be one or both of the following two reasons:

  1. EITHER I am not following my Trading Plan because I get emotional while trading and don’t stick to rules, pile up my losses more than they should be. I should be profitable at the end of each month because I don’t let losses grow which is key to a consistently successful Day Trading. Remember a very simple rule “If you want to make money, DON’T LOSE IT!” OR the market situations are changing and plan needs an improvisation.
  2. For a reason beyond my control, it could be anything slippage or tripping of my preset orders due to high volatility, internet/system/power failure etc. etc.

www.daytradingforincome.com is just a gateway to your successful Daytrading career, that will bring tremendous confidence in you when you see how steadily the money adds up at the end of the month by trading with discipline, patience and a successful trading plan. This will enable and empower you to develop your own trading plan according to your own personality, temperament and financial situation and goals that could successfully work for you while you are watching me to execute my day trading plan every single day which I will share with you every day before market opens and publish my results every day after the market closes with illustrational overview of every trade of that day. Though there are trading academies who charge you a fortune to teach you basics and tell you your best bet to set up probabilities in your favor. But I really felt there was need for someone to come forward and show people who want to have a really positive impact on their lifestyle could learn, engage and participate with that with a tiny fee that is affordable. If you are tired of your lifestyle, grind of your life, your job and your boss and want to take control of your financial future by learning how to replace your income. If you have means and courage to learn that. If you think you are self disciplined, self coachable, have your own capital to learn from an experienced day trader who is sharing all his trades with exactly how to do that well ahead of time for you to learn how to potentially replace your income and more. Take a bold step to register for this tremendous opportunity that come at just a tiny fraction of cost of a real mentorship that may cost you a fortune, and that too with a promotional one month 50% off the regular subscription trial, no quarterly or yearly contracts and it comes with My Personal Performance Guarantee (Please note this is my performance on this website, not anyone else’s) that if in any month I don’t make total net profit 10 times that of monthly subscription you pay, with a minimum $ 50,000.00 my own capital in the trading account (Trading capital =own capital x margin that your broker gives ), I WILL REFUND YOUR MONEY FOR THAT MONTH. There are no contracts, no catch and no surprises, clear illustration and honest insight into a  successful day trader's daily trades with a transparent set of rules, clearly stated list of stock symbols and which way to trade them before market opens with their entry prices along with their initial stop loss and profit taker orders and how to move the stop loss orders while the trade moves on, a very transparent illustrational overview of all the trades at the end of the day and summary of net profit or loss I have made till this date in the Monthly performance along with the Monthly performance sheets of last few months for you to see how important it is to have an effective trading plan and more importantly to follow that plan.

You can cancel your registration any time you want for your ongoing service if you think paying the tiny subscription for the money made is not worth. ABSOLUTELY NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

At www.daytradingforincome.com we don’t chase the trades we let them come to us. I never saved my archives only till I realized that sharing my success may change lives of others who have financial resources and are interested in doing this but don’t have guidance/mentorship or can not afford to have one, so you will see only a few month’s archive of my trades which will grow with time. If you think this has brought a positive change in your life I will love to have a testimonial from you and if not, may be there is nothing wrong with my Trading Plan and style but you have different personality than mine and need a different trading plan. This is a win-win situation for you with nothing to lose.

I wish you a very successful trading career.

With love,

Paul @ www.daytradingforincome.com

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