• Do I have my own capital to learn this because Day Trading is a leveraged short term trading strategy where we catch small price movements and are 100% in cash position at the end of the day. this may result in losses if it is not done in a right way
  • Do I have some exposure to financial markets and understand the risks involved
  • Do I understand that I may incur losses in some trades and if I get emotional and don’t accept small losses, that may end up in big losses and I may get into bigger troubles to cover up those piled up losses and taking bigger risks ending up in a position of no return
  • Usually brokers require $ 25000.00 to open a day trading margin account with 3 times the margin. But I recommend $ 50,000.00 for a Day trading account to start with so that I could have over $ 150,000.00 trading capital to trade with. Do I have my own $ 50,000.00 To open a day trading account
  • I will have to spend about 1 to 4 hours (half an hour before Opening bell onwards) or more in front of my computer if I have a pre set Trading Plan ready for me. it is just to manage my trades. do I have that much time that I can honestly spare
  • Am I patient, disciplined and self-coachable. Am I ready to take this bold step to learn it on simulated trading first and translate that skill to live trading platform when I am 100% confident that I am sticking to the Trading Plan. That I know and understand and remember the Trading Plan, I have very Well practiced how do I set up my buy at stop and sell at stop Orders and how do I attach my profit taker and catastrophic stop Loss orders to the parent order and how I move my stop loss orders once in the market
  • Am I 100% confident and take steps to take me out of losing positions whenever I know that they are not working for me and not wait for the catastrophic order to hit. Do I know that taking small losses will help me to stay in the game and what matters to me is a profitable week, bi-week or month when I get my paycheck and not my Ego that I am wrong in a trade. I don't take a losing trade personally rather I consider that as a business expense
  • Do I know that if I distract from the trading plan that I post every morning before market open is going to give an entirely different outcome that may not be profitable at the end of a week or a month
  • Do you know that you have my performance guarantee in my trades that in any month if my profits are not 10 times your monthly membership fee, as shown on my Monthly performance sheet, which is a summary of daily trades at the end of a month, I am going to give you FULL REFUND OF YOUR SUBSCRIPTION FOR THAT MONTH ONLY
  • Am I ready for it now    


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